Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Below is a draft that I have been holding on to since the incident occurred. I intend to blog more but time escapes me. I want to sit down and write the awesome posts and somehow I don't. The one below is being posted because the issue came up today.

The buzz word for homeschooling reared its ugly head today.

My wife took my oldest and youngest daughters to the clinic today and it was on! Home-schoolers know where I am going with this, my oldest is sixteen and as such there are certain "questions" that they will ask.

Indeed, the Mrs. was ready for the interaction! The world constantly wants to impart their views on to you, while telling you what their view of  normal is.
The interview/interrogation began with some basic questions and progressed to the question about school and when the answer was that they are home-schooled, the atmosphere changed. 

My wife was asked if she thought that she was "hurting" her children by not letting them "socialize" in school. She was told that the children have to "learn how to read people and their mess" and they can only do this by being in school.

What do you think?

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