Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things to do in Baltimore

The structure of our families lifestyle, requires that we find things for our children to do often because there are not a lot of safe places to let them play. We live on the corner of a residential street with heavy traffic and as such we can not send our children out front to ride their bikes. Bike riding is more like an event for our family. I have four children, three of which are at biking riding age. Obviously transporting three bikes (and six people) to a park without a bike rack requires logistical training :)

Homeschooling has forced me to discover a lot of Parks, Museums and Historical places to visit in and around Baltimore.

Below is a list of the places that I have found and some pics to boot!
Enjoy and share any that I have not discovered yet.

The museums below can be expensive for a one time trip with a relatively large family, however if you plan on going more than once you will find that a one year membership is the way to go, that is if you consider $150 or less for unlimited visits for a year to the museum a wise penny.   (Howard County)  (Towson)

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