Friday, November 4, 2011

Old School

One of the foundational stones in this journey into homeschooling came about during a discussion with classmates at college. A lady was upset with the fact that her child was learning sight words in school as opposed to the traditional phonetic teachings. I was unaware of the severity of the switch from the traditional way to teach reading vs the new one.......

Shortly thereafter my middle daughter Priscilla-Aquila began Kindergarten and indeed they sent her home with a list of "Sight Words". I was amazed and confused with the shift, because the old way was tried and tested method. Priscilla is smart and so she was able to navigate the sounds although for the most part they were not being taught individually, however I could not help but think about the children who were not as naturally smart as she is. I jumped in and began supplementing with more rigorous phonetic teaching. In summary, this was just another foundational brick layed on the homeschooling building.

We advocate for Old school phonics teaching for it has been proven.

A good free resource that has proven valuable to me is

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