Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Walk with me LORD!

Walk with me LORD, is a phrase that is uttered by the believer on this path to Zion, because we know that it is impossible to do it alone. Indeed, he is guiding us and simultaneously walking with us.

I know my wife Denise utters this phrase often (alongside others) as she walks in the mandate of keeping her home. She utters this phrase because of the common temptations of the believer and because she is homeschooling three different grade level children. Lastly, she utters this phrase because of the little one that is full of one year old energy and male centered aggresiveness. This post is an open praise of her diligence and dedication to her family, for she has and will endure ridicule for first following CHRIST and for the peculicar decisions that follow the convictions of a heart surrendered to Him (homeschooling, modesty, etc...).

Each believer that takes up his or her cross understands the cry for help from within and on high.

The phrase for today is: Walk with me LORD!

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