Monday, July 29, 2013

Mommy Mondays

Today's post should be written by my wife, however I will be writing this post as an homage to her blessedness.

I truly thank YAH for the "good thing" that I have found because with the help of the Spirit of the Almighty she has brought about a change in my life. She has blessed me with a friend and lover, she has bore my beautiful children, she has been my earthly confidant. She carries herself with chastity and grace and to know her is to love her. Her smile, laugh and giving nature draws you to her. Indeed, she has an inviting way about her. My children love and cherish their mother and I could not have (although I had help from above) chosen a better person to partner with on this journey.

This post is about the Mommy in our home and we give her the praise that she cannot give herself, for the scripture declares, "let another man praise you....

To My Beloved!

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