Monday, April 1, 2013

Community Gardening

We have recently purchased a few plots from the Oregon Ridge Nature Center for planting fruits, herbs and vegetables, which I think is a noble idea. There is just one problem...................... WE HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE!  We have wanted to do this in our own yard, however I have been unwilling to give up the space because our children still play in the yard, so this is great alternative.

Of course we will be using this occasion to incorporate in our homeschooling and it should provide a rich experience in many ways.

We are gathering as much information as we can and asking the Lord to guide us because (we need it) and because there is sooooooo much information out there that one could go into information overdrive after reading it.

I am asking any one that reads this page to drop me a link to your blog page, a link to a site that can help, or share with me via comment or email your expertise.

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  1. If I had some expertise, I'd share it. I want to start a garden someday, but it just hasn't happened yet. Something about rented property. My landlord wouldn't mind, but I just don't love it enough to work it. :-)

  2. Thanks for the thinking about helping.
    We are still in the beginning stages and I'm sure we are making mistakes but you have to begin somewhere.